Schedule and Classes

2018 MNRC Offroad Series Schedule

April 28th-29th  Motodome, Staples MN
May 19th- 20th  Ricks Hobby Farm, New Richmond WI
June 16th- 17th  Loosenuts Raceway, North Branch MN
July 21st- 22nd  LSRCC, Duluth MN
August 18th- 19th  Badlands, Brainerd MN
September 15th- 16th  Full Throttle Raceway, Foley MN
October 13th- 14th  Motodome, Staples MN

2018 Classes:

4wd Sportsman
1/10 2wd Gas truck
1/8 Electric Buggy
1/10 2wd Electric Open
1/8 Nitro Truggy
Pro 4 SCT
1/8 Nitro Buggy

We have a slight change in classes and class order for 2018. 1/10 2wd Stock buggy was changed to 1/10 2wd Open, racers can race any 1/10 2wd vehicle. (each vehicle will have to follow their Roar Rules, IE: 2wd buggy must use 2wd buggy tires and 2S max batter.) Each and every class must have 8 racers to compete, if 8 racers are not met the class will not be ran that weekend, for marshaling issues. 1/8 Electric Buggy Double Mains will now be scored by Roar Rules, No longer the Moto style we used for the last 3 years. We will be keeping the one resort after qualifier #1, we feel for the new racers or racers without designated pit men, a 2 round resort could provide problem some. For 2018 we will allow sportsman to race the following classes, 4wd sportsman-1/10 Gas truck-1/10 Electric Open. Racers Keep in mind, we tried to order the races as best we could to avoid back to back assurances, however we can not please everyone.

A few other bits for 2018: We have thought long and hard and have decided for the first time to raise the first entry fee to $30 for Nitro and $25 for Electric. Second and third classes will still be $20 for Nitro and $15 for Electric. This extra income will be going to the race facilities, not the series. The cost of up keep for the tracks has only gone up in the last decade and we want to ensure each track is able to make ends meet so they can continue to host our great series.