Sportsman Racer Explained

Sportsman Level Racer Policy

Sportsman classes were created to help develop the skills of our new and young racers without requiring them to compete in the open classes immediately.
Racers who enter the sportsman classes are eligible to race 2wd Sportsman and 4wd Sportsman only, with the exception of classes which have been defined as entry allowed to sportsman racers.
***Currently the only defined class is Stock 2wd Electric Buggy

The racer is a beginner…new to MNRC…(any age)
The racers skillset is appropriate for sportsman classes (any age)  (MNRC Committee can be consulted)
If racer is 15 years old or younger, he/she may race in Sportsman regardless of skill level, however at age 16 they will be recommended to graduate to the open class if appropriate. (Age is determined Jan 1st of that year)

Racers should bump to open class when:
The racers skill set isn’t appropriate for Sportsman  (MNRC Committee can be consulted)
They have won the series 2 times and are 16 years of age or older  (Age is determined Jan 1st of that year)

***If the racer is 15 years old or younger they will not be forced to bump to open classes but it is their option if they choose.